Natur Poteket (Indry By & Christianshavn)

What can you find here?

  • Coconut Flour/Milk/Oil/Butter/Water
  • Almond Flour/Milk/Butter
  • Raw Cacao (and, raw cacao covered goji berries!)
  • Rapadura and other alternative sweeteners
  • Probiotics & Kefir
  • Supplements and Vitamins
  • Natural Beauty Products
  • Raw honey

Urtehuset (Frederiksberg, Østerbro, Lyngby)

What can you find here?

Everything Natur Poteket has, and A LOT more.  They also have a deli under the same name next door that sells organic food and juices (vegetable and fruit smoothies inclusive)

Urtegaarden (Indry By)

What can you find here?

  • Coconut extract
  • Almond extract
  • Alternative baking products
  • Natural Beauty Products and Skin Care

Natur & Sundhed (Nørrebro)

What can you find here?

All of the above.  🙂


Gourmandiet (Østerbro): A butcher selling only grassfed meat products.  They also sell bone stocks made from their grassfed animals, sauces, and other gourmet products, and if you arrange in advance, they’ll give you leftover bones if they have any.  On Thursday-Saturday they serve lunch and dinner using their meat.  It is delicious.  This is also where I order my once annual free-range turkey for Thanksgiving.  It costs about 1000kr for about 6kg, so save your money.

Per’s Griseri (Nørrebro): This basement store on Jægersborggade in Nørrebro sells frozen organic meat from a farmer named Per who raises pigs at his farm in Vaksø (30 km NW of CPH) and also collaborates with other organic farmers for beef, lamb, veal, etc.  On his website he invites you to come visit him at his farm, where you can meet the pigs you may eventually be eating, à la Portlandia.  Incidentally, if you go to this shop to stock up, leave time to explore the street.  Get brunch at Manfreds, coffee at Coffee Collective, and dinner at Relæ while you’re at it.

Grambogård: A grassfed slaughter farm located on Fyn selling all sorts of grassfed meat products.  Click on the link to find suppliers, restaurants and hotels who use their meat all over Denmark.

Nørreport Fiskehus (Indry By): This is, by far, the best fish monger in town.  They sell every kind of wild fish, shellfish, oyster, mussel, shrimp you could ever want.  Often they have specials if you buy in bulk.  In December I got 10 filets of salmon for 300kr.  I froze 8 of them for a later use.

Irma: Irma is an organic-leaning grocery store chain with locations all over Copenhagen.  They have their own branding (kind of like Whole Foods’ 365 brand), but they also sell grassfed jersey cow whole milk and yogurt, biodynamic cheese, organic seasonal produce, free range chicken (the most common one I find here is called Bornholmers Høn), pre-packaged grassfed pork products (bacon!) and meat, and organic eggs.  They also have a good selection of organic wines.

Torvehallerne (Nørreport): Copenhagen’s first “open air” market.  If you can make it past the “bakery” section where there are at least a dozen vendors selling cupcakes, pastries, and other baked goods filled with grains and sugar, there are a couple great fish mongers (not everything they sell is wild, so ask before buying to be sure you’re not buying farm-raised), a biodynamic/grassfed dairy stall called Unika, spice shops, local and foreign food stalls, a great tea stall, and my personal favorite, Ma Poule, a French stall (they sell the stinkiest, most amazing cheese, as well as merguez, black sausage, french butter, goose fat, fois gras, and a variety of patés).  Slagter Lund sells excellent quality meat, though I do not believe it’s 100% grassfed (they also have stocks and give away spare bones when they have them), and there is a new stand called Palæo that sells, you guessed it, Paleo-inspired prepared food for when you’re on the go and need a healthy meal.  In between the halls you will find anything from french fries cooked in duck fat, fresh seasonal produce, and my go-to for slow cooking: Kødbilen (they sell only grassfed meat, out of a truck, and it’s extremely cheap for the amount you get).

Københavns Fiskemarked (Knippelsbro): This one doesn’t exist yet, but rumors and articles are circulating like wildfire about a future “Floating Fish Market” modeled after Seattle’s Pike Place (read: Flying Fish and all) to be opening sometime at the end of Summer 2012 (though I work across the canal and haven’t seen any sign of the building process, and at the rate at which Danes build anything, the metro being a prime example, I’d guess the opening date will be moved back to Summer 2013).  It should be built just east of Knippelsbro not far from Nyhavn and Custom House and with an aim at introducing Danes to the idea of regular fish consumption (complete with people on staff to show you ways to cook it).

Magasin’s Food Market (in the basement of Magasin du Nord Department Store, Kongens Nytorv):  I hesitated to put this one on here, because, albeit ah-mazing, it is probably the most expensive place in the whole of Denmark.  Not kidding.  It’s huge, sells gourmet food and beverage of all varieties, and it makes me nostalgic for Whole Foods, but I try to limit my visits to about four times a year, when I have extra money to blow, because it’ll definitely set any budget back.  Illum (the other department store in Copenhagen, on Strøget) also has a food market in the basement that sells similar things, but I believe it’s just about as expensive.  In fairness, Magasin does sell most of the things you would find at the above mentioned places, including grass-fed meat, free range chicken, wild fish, biodynamic and organic dairy, and it’s all in one place, but you definitely pay for that convenience.


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