Monthly Archives: June 2012

The Cheaters Guide to Real Food

Oh dear readers.  I have been MIA big time.  First things got crazy at work, then things got crazy at home (boyfriend was in exam mode, so I was maintaining life as we know it for two people instead of one), then I started planning my 30th birthday, and THEN I left for two weeks on vacation to New York (much needed, though not even remotely relaxing).

Needlesstosay, while I HAVE been cooking up a storm, I haven’t made the time to share all the good food porn with the blogosphere.

No worries though, the good recipe blogs will be back, but in keeping with the theme of my life for the past couple months, I thought it might be appropriate to share with you the epitome of my survival guide when life gets crazy and maintaining a healthy diet becomes a chore: The Cheaters Guide to Real Food.

I’ll be back soon with more!  Promise!