“Just Say No” To Cake

Now that I’ve roped you loyal readers in with a few delectable recipes, I thought it might be worth it to throw in another video with some good info in it about sugar.

This video is brought to you by *I Ate Cake Today At Work And Regretted It So Hard It Hurt*.

Yeah, that’s right, one of our dear colleagues celebrated his last day at the office today, and he brought in THREE cakes from my arch enemy, Lagkagehuset (aka: the best bread, cake, and pastry place in the whole of Denmark), as a final goodbye gift to us.

These are the devil.

Danes really love their cake, and I blame it for the reason why I stacked on about 15 pounds when I moved to Denmark, actually.  So after begging and pleading with my colleagues to stop bringing it into the office, we managed to go two whole weeks without cakes or pastries sitting on our table in our department.  It was a glorious two weeks not having to fight any urges.

And so today, I rewarded myself with a slice of cake, because I like my now ex colleague, and it’s been a really really long time since I’ve had cake.  And then I had another slice.  And then I had a taste of a third.

Needlesstosay, five hours later I still feel sick (read: bloated, higher heart rate, lethargic, stomach ache, scatterbrained, can’t focus).  It was a bad choice, and I regretted it enough that I seriously considered bulimia for a hot second – not like that’s much healthier – so right now I can feel my body still trying to figure out what the heck I did to it this afternoon.

The above video breaks it down for you, and even though I know all this stuff already because I read about it in two very good books (that I cannot recommend highly enough), Why We Get Fat: and What to Do About It and Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food, it’s nice to see it again and remember why I’m doing all this stuff.

You know how you know something’s bad for you?  When you cut it out, you feel great.  And then when you go eat that thing again after not having it for a while, you feel MISERABLE (think: first time you drank after not drinking for a while, and how mean that hangover was).  I won’t lie to you, it’s bittersweet, because now I can’t really enjoy mass quantities of sugar or flour (or beer, or rice, or oats, or alcohol) without feeling terrible, but what I CAN do is enjoy them in small proportions.  And knowing that this reaction is actually NORMAL, makes me feel really good about my decision.


2 thoughts on ““Just Say No” To Cake

  1. kostbloggeren says:

    Hi Vegetarianrehab, I hereby return your kind visit to my blog. It is quite an adventure you are on here. Great posts with a lot of humour. Especially this post above made me laugh. I share you ambivalent feelings about the Danish cakes. Their ubiquity challenges this WOE tremendously as they are almost always yummy, mouthwatering and hard to say no to. I do manage do so though most times, but like you I sometime dive right in–and suffer the consequences.

    I will follow your blog from now on for sure. It will be interesting to follow your take on how the Danes will respond to the increasingly obvious truth that intake of grains, sugars and most vegetable oils must be scaled way down if one wants to keep one’s health. My prediction is that the Danes will hold on to their cakes and their ‘hygge’. They cannot believe that it is all that bad and ‘you have to eat a varied diet anyway’ as many people say.

    Au revoir!

    • antesa says:

      That is the exact response I get when I dare to suggest it’s all bad for you. No one wants to believe me, but judging from how many children diagnosed with ADHD and diabetes there are in this small country, I’d wager to say the Danes are just about as misinformed as Americans. 🙂

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